How Testosterone Levels Effect Ejaculation Volume

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. So it makes sense that testosterone levels are critical to sexual performance. Testosterone levels are associated with the ability or inability to get an erection, as well as how much volume is expelled during ejaculation. Testosterone levels are responsible for stimulating the body to produce the hormone that in turn produces ejaculate. With low testosterone levels, men are likely to experience ejaculation with very low volume. Low testosterone levels are also responsible for low sperm count in some men, which not only leads to low ejaculation volume, but can lead to infertility as well.

Testosterone levels in men decline with age

Testosterone levels begin to climb in the male body before the baby is even born, and continue to climb right through the teens and puberty. Around age 18, testosterone levels are as high as they will ever be within in the male body. These testosterone levels are what is responsible for the rapid changes teen boys go through at this time, as well as the high sex drive. As men get older, testosterone levels stay roughly the same, though they will never again go as high as they did in the teen years naturally. Around age 50, testosterone levels within the body begin to decline, and by age 80, a man only has testosterone levels equal to about 20-30% of what they used to be at their peak.

Andropause: Is there a male menopause?

Andropause is analogous to female menopause. When testosterone levels drop dramatically low, a man is said to be in andropause. This can effect sex drive, erection hardness and ejaculation volume. Andropause has many effects of the male body due to low testosterone levels. While the male body will change significantly during this time of life, many men are mainly concerned with the sexual aspects of low testosterone levels. The decrease in ejaculation volume as men get older becomes a concern, as higher ejaculation volume causes longer and stronger orgasms, as well as is tied to male stamina and the ability to have more than one orgasm.

Increase your sexual stamina

Fortunately, for men entering Andropause and dealing with the low testosterone levels that come along with it, it is possible to increase sexual stamina back to its former levels. A quality ejaculation pill that contains ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba bark and Yohimbe can prove to be effective when addressing many different aspects of the problems caused by low testosterone levels. The Horny Goat Weed is designed to stimulate the release of testosterone, which raises ejaculation volume. Higher ejaculation volume leads to longer and stronger orgasms and also aids in having multiple orgasms as well. When combined with Catuaba bark, which has been shown to increase stamina as well as Yohimbe which will improve erection hardness, many of the problems of low testosterone levels can be erased. It is important to choose a male sexual enhancement supplement that will address all of these issues, as ejaculation volume and the rest are all equally important.

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