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You've probably heard the stories which is why you are here reading this review. And the one thing we can tell you right now is that the stories are true. Yes, increasing the amount of semen that you produce can have a profound impact on the intensity and duration of the male orgasm. The reason for that is fairly simple in biological terms and it goes something like this - the higher the volume of semen has stored up in his testicles the harder the testicles have to work to expel all of it at the moment of orgasm. And, the harder the testicles work the stronger and longer lasting the biochemical signals being sent to the brain will be. And, the stronger and longer lasting the biological signals being sent to the brain the more the brain will work to produce and release endorphins which is what is responsible for the euphoric feelings a man experiences at the point of orgasm.

There is also a second reason a guy would want higher volumes of semen which is of benefit to him - although in a less direct way. What we're referring to here is the fact that women, even those who are not interested in getting pregnant, have a primal urge to be with a man who exhibits the traits of virility and, on a biological level, nothing says a guy is a real man like pumping out gushing loads of semen.

Considering the benefits of being able to produce large loads of semen it's no wonder that men all over the world have been searching for a way to help increase their ability to do so. This has led to an ever broadening of the market for such products which fall under the general male enhancement supplement category but also into the sub-category of semen volumizers.

So, even though there are many great products which can now be had thanks to some great advances in this marriage between modern science and some often age old herbal remedies, there is a problem that men who are interesting in them are facing. It's that there is now so much money at stake in the industry that basically every company with the ability to produce a pill and get it into the market has done so and many of them are turning out to be of lesser quality. And, telling the good ones from the bad ones is make far more difficult given that most of them tend to use a fairly similar blend of ingredients and make mostly all the same claims.

Given that this is the case we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancement products on the market today - it's called Semapro.

The Basics

Produced and distributed by a U.S. based company known as Male FX Labs, Semapro is yet another new entry into the semen volumizer market. According to our research this product does not have an official website which could provide some important information. That being the case we have gleaned what we know from multiple outside sources.

Semapro Ingredients

The first thing that needs to be understood about the makeup of Semapro is that producer has decided to use a proprietary blend of ingredients which simply means that they have chosen to keep their exact formulation a secret. This means that both consumers and reviewers cannot know exactly what the product contains but we will examine what is known.

A review of the base ingredient list shows that this product has a very common set of elements which are heavily relied upon by most of the top performing brands within the industry. These ingredients include Maca Root Powder, Horny Goat Weed Powder, Mucuna Pruriens Powder, L-Arginine, Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, Panax Ginseng Root Powder, Tongkat Ali (Long Jack) Fruit Powder, L- Carnitine and L-Lysine.

Research, Studies And Clinical Data

The key point that we feel needs to be made in this section is that most consumers tend to rely on an examination of the ingredients to determine how safe and effective a product is likely to be. Although this method does have a definite benefit it does not deal with all of the variables that should be considered such as the way in which those ingredients are formulated. To know this consumers should look for any data that the company might provide related to any research, studies or clinical testing that may have been performed on the product in order to determine its safety and efficacy.

Normally, a products' official website would be a good place to find that type of information but, since no official site exists for Semapro, we conducted a standard search of outside sources. What we found was there is apparently no source of this type of information available anywhere which simply means that either this type of research and testing has not been performed on the product or that the producer has decided not to release it in any form that would be readily accessible by interested parties.

What Real Users Are Saying

It's common knowledge that the vast majority of companies tend to utilize user testimonials or user reviews as a method of letting potential customers know what their existing customer base is saying about their product. However, since these types of user comments are being put forth on company controlled media such as official websites and other marketing materials which are unlikely, to say the least, to post anything less than comments with glowing praises it can safely be said that these comments come with an inherent and considerable bias. Knowing this, we always look for more independent sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Scanning a number of websites with industry ties but with no known affiliation with Semapro or Male FX Labs plus a variety of chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement products we came across a significant number of independent user reviews. Compiling the information related to their ratings for Semapro it became clear that most of the these user reviews were of a negative nature. In fact, the most common theme found in the comments was simply that Semapro did not seem to have any lasting benefit even when used for an extended period.

How Safe Is Semapro?

Being that the producer has chosen to make the product using a proprietary blend of ingredients makes the task of knowing how safe it is just a bit more difficult than some other products. Still, we are not aware of any ingredients that would cause any notable health concerns in a healthy male. However, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any product of a similar nature.

How To Buy Semapro

Since Semapro does not have its own official website consumers must purchase it through a series of outside retail outlets such as or some other well-known competitors. At the time of publication a one month supply can be generally found for $34.95.

The Last Word

For men who want the benefits of having higher levels of semen production including more intense and longer lasting orgasms as well as more engaged and satisfied women a top quality semen volumizing male enhancement supplement just may be the answer.

Looking at how Semapro measures up against the ever expanding competition we have determined that there are just three key aspects that one should take into consideration. The first is the ingredients that can be found in the product and, in this case, there are always concerns when a company decides to go with a proprietary formulation. That said, Semapro is not alone in this choice. The second aspect is the data behind the formulation which would show that the product is safe and that it is as effective as the producer claims. Since we could find no such data we would have to say that this point remains unresolved. The final aspect relates to how past and present users of the product, with no connection to the company, have described their experiences. As discussed above, it is clear that most independent users did not feel that Semapro delivered on its promises.

Stepping back to look at all the results it seems clear that Semapro has not done what is necessary to ranked among the top choices for men seeking higher levels of semen and a more intense sex life.

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