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There are generally two reasons why men would be searching for a male enhancement supplement claiming to help improve sperm production. The first is, of course, to actually help bolster the production of healthy sperm and improve sperm motility. The second reason is because more and more men all around the world have discovered that the supplements can have a great effect on the intensity and duration of their orgasms.

This is because, while increasing the level of sperm production, these supplements also work to increase the semen which carries the sperm to their intended destination. This increase in semen production results in making the testicles pump harder and longer in order to expel the built up semen which, in turn, results in stronger and longer lasting biochemical signals being sent to the brain which then causes greater and long lasting production of endorphins being released which, of course, is the basis for the euphoric sensations all men experience at the high of their orgasms - hence, the growing popularity of this type of product.

The good news is that the basic theory behind these claims are true in the sense that newer formulations merging some modern science and some often age old herbal studies have resulted in some quite impressive products. The bad news is that, due to the great success of these products the market for them has become flooded with products looking to cash in the multi-billion dollar payday that is now a reality for these health aids. And, as a result, consumers are finding it more and more difficult to determine which of the growing list of products is likely to work for them given that so many are actually of inferior quality despite have similar ingredients and nearly all the same claims.

This being the case we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our valued readers, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about sperm and semen increasing male enhancement supplements available on the market today - it's called Amberoz.

All About Amberoz

A product of a company called Discover Total Health, Amberoz claims to be designed to increase sperm production and motility by boosting the user's system with an influx of highly beneficial ingredients needed to have such an effect. In essence, Amberoz, like so many of its competitors, is supposed to add chemical fuel to the fire that is the male body's reproductive functions.

One deficiency that we should note is that, unlike many of the top rated brands Discover Total Health has chosen not to provide this product with an official website of its own.

Active Ingredients

Using a list of well-established ingredients common to some of the top performing brands in the marketplace Amberoz does list some of its critical elements for consumers to evaluate but only to a certain degree as it also keeps other vital information hidden in its desire to keep the exact formulation a secret by labeling it a proprietary formula. The known ingredients include:

  • Ginseng: A traditional Asian herb widely used in many general health supplements for its propensity to improve overall health in both sexes. It is also believed by many have a highly positive effect on sperm production and motility as well as semen production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Often used as an all-natural aphrodisiac this natural element is hailed as one of the most effective boosters of testosterone production which then has a significant effect on male sexual drive.
  • Zinc: Used for multiple purposes in many health aids this essential mineral is known to improve the quality of sperm and build the capacity to increase muscle strength.

Clinical Research, Studies And Trials

Something that most consumers do not consider when they examine a product of this nature is that the set of ingredients is only a partial factor in determining how effective it might be. A second equally of not more significant factor is the process by which those ingredients are put together. This formulation of ingredients is critical since even a product with the very best ingredients could end up being somewhat or even completely ineffective if the ingredients are not added in their proper values.

The best way to know about such matters is to look at any research, studies or clinical trials which may have been performed on the product. Looking at the available information regarding Amberoz it appears that either company has not performed this kind of testing and analysis or it has elected not to present that information to the public.

What Real Users Are Saying

One of the most common marketing techniques employed by sellers of all types in recent years is to use testimonials and user reviews as a way to build up trust with its customer base. However, as any experienced consumer knows, any testimonials or reviews used on a product's website or on other marketing materials comes with an inherent bias since it is all chosen by the seller who is unlikely to post any statements that are less than highly positive. Taking that into consideration we always chose to look for other, less biased, sources for these types of commentary and opinions.

Searching through a wide variety of industry related websites with no clear affiliation to Discover Total Health or Amberoz including a number of internet based chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement concerns we came across a wide selection of independent user reviews. Taking them as whole it was clear that a wide majority of them did not believe that Amberoz lived up to its claims in any significant manner. In fact, the most common themes among these negative reviews was simply that the users did not notice any discernible effects even after extended use of a month or more.

Is Amberoz Safe To Use?

Going back to the list of ingredients, which we noted had its deficiencies, there are no clear signs that there would be any problematic health concerns for healthy men. Still, and as always, it is highly advisable to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other product of a similar nature.

Purchasing Amberoz

As mentioned earlier, Amberoz does not have an official website but is available for sale through multiple well-known online retail platforms such as Currently, a one month supply is retailing for $47.00 with multiple options for discounts based on largely purchases.

Our Final Word

At the start of this review we talked about the fact that there are many male enhancement supplements which are designed to increase the production of sperm but that more and more men around the globe have begun using them for the benefits of improving the intensity and duration of their orgasms due to the increase in semen production that follows the production of more sperm. The problem is that knowing which of the far too many products of this type is likely to produce the best results given the explosion of products that has hit the market.

Taking Amberoz as an example, we have determined that there are just three key factors that one should consider in figuring out whether or not this is the product for you. The first is how good the ingredients are and, as already discussed, there is no reason to believe they do not stack up well against the competition.

The second factor relates to the data available to the public concerning any clinical research, studies or trials that may have been conducted. For Amberoz this is not a positive factor as we could not find any links to that type of information.

The third and final key factor is what real users have to say and, in this case, the many independent user reviews that we found to do speak kindly to their experiences with Amberoz.

When one puts all of these factors together it remains clear that Amberoz has not yet become one of the best options for men looking to increase either sperm count or the intensity or duration of the orgasms. For better options, click here.

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