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In the ever growing market for male enhancement supplements there is a developing submarket for what can best be seen as semen volume enhancers. So, why is this happening? Mainly, it seems as though there are many men who, although having no symptoms of sexual dysfunction, do have a desire to increase the levels of sperm they ejaculate for multiple reasons. For some it's a matter of sexual pride in impressing their partners with an overwhelming amount of semen because they believe it makes them appear extremely virile. Others believe that increased levels of semen can also mean higher levels of sperm. Still, others believe that increasing the level of semen leads to deeper, longer lasting orgasms because of the increased for the sexual organs to pump out the extra volume.

No matter what the reason for the increase in the popularity of this subset of male enhancement supplements, the fact is, they are here and likely to only grow as they gain more attention. Because of this phenomenon we decided to take a close look at one of these products that is getting some attention in the market today. It's called VoluSperm and one of the more interesting things about it is that it refers to itself as pharmaceutical grade right on the label and is made by a company called Highline.

Inside VoluSperm

Even though Highline refers to its VoluSperm product as pharmaceutical grade, it also says that it's all natural. So, while that can be considered confusing to anyone trying to determine just what kind of supplement VoluSperm is, it is one of those cases where two things that, on the surface, might seem to be contradictory, can both be true. Whatever the case may be, we'll look at the basic concepts and leave the labeling issues to others.

At the heart of VoluSperm's claims is their formula which they say will lead to longer, stronger orgasms and greatly increased semen volume with regular continued use. The basis for the formula relies on a number well-recognized ingredients found in many of the leading male enhancement supplements but with a number of tweaks designed to focus on the elements within it that work to increase semen production as opposed to the more common aspects such as increasing blood flow to the penis to increase size and hardness or boosting stamina, endurance and libido.

Ingredient List

As a full listing of all of the ingredients in VoluSperm could not be found from any source we have made our best effort to ascertain and analyze the ingredients we believe to be part of the current formula available for sale today by its manufacturers:

  • L-Arginine: An element long believed to be an integral ingredient in the production of nitric oxide which in turn produces increased blood flow. This amino acid has been linked in some studies to higher than normal production of semen.
  • L-Lysine: Another amino acid that can improve* sperm quality.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum: This common but essential ingredient is known for its benefits that increase libido and boost testosterone levels for greater sperm production.
  • L-Carnitine: An ingredient known for a wide number of uses in many fields of healthcare, this element is added here to alleviate what is known if medical circles as periodic or intermittent claudication or poor blood circulation.

VoluSperm Pros

The main positive for VoluSperm is that its ingredient list contains several well recognized elements. Another positive is that the product is readily available from a reputable source in that it can be easily and safely purchased through Amazon.com at a price that compares to well to its competitors.

VoluSperm Cons

Even though VoluSperm has an ingredient list filled with well recognized ingredients known for their positive effects on men suffering from sexual dysfunction the lack of specific information and the thin amount of clinical studies backing up its claims of increasing semen levels make it hard to be a strong advocate for this product. Also, even though the fact that VoluSperm is readily available through Amazon.com one could consider it a distinct negative that a product that claims to be so widely used does not have an official website that we could find.

Purchasing Information

Classified as a male enhancement supplement, VoluSperm is manufactured by Highline and sold (to the best of our knowledge) exclusively on Amazon.com for the price of $24.95 per sixty capsule bottle - volume discounts are available. No further information on the manufacturer is available at this time.

Side Effects

As noted earlier, VoluSperm claims to be both pharmaceutical grade and all natural. However one wants to view that is up to the user but, as always, we recommend that anyone considering the use of this type of product consult with a qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Dosage Instructions

VoluSperm recommends that new users take two pills per day and that visible results could take as many as several weeks to be fully noticed.

User Reviews

We found a number of user reviews associated with the product page at Amazon.com but, as always, we remain skeptical of reviews controlled by the manufacturer and seller of any product. Other searches for more independent user reviews turned up a number of them that were far less positive. In fact, the biggest takeaway from what we found was a large number of reviewers who said that they saw absolutely no benefit at all. To be fair, there were a number of reviews that had very positive things to say about their use of VoluSperm but they were far fewer in number and a number of them pointed out that they had made some significant dietary changes which, they acknowledged, may have been a contributing factor in what they perceived as an increase in semen volume.

Our Conclusion

As we stated at the beginning of this review, most male enhancement supplements are designed for men suffering from the effects of sexual dysfunction. However, either due to a real call for a product that focuses on increased semen volume or to a visionary in the field who understood that a product like this would find an audience, we now have an ever growing line up of semen increasing supplements. Either way, the fact is that this type of product appears to be here to stay and the only real question is whether or not VoluSperm is among the leaders in its effectiveness and the market.

After examining all the available information from ingredients to price to side effects and where one can actually purchase VoluSperm it is clear that this product does not measure up with the top specialty brands offering this specific kind of supplement. Also, we find it quite disturbing that a product professing to be an industry leader does not have its own official website.

In the end the analysis is simple - VoluSperm does not live up to the competition not because it is definitively an inferior product but because it fails to present itself as a top tier product freely offering a clear and wide ranging display of information and backing studies that attest to its safety and effectiveness.

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