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The market for male sexual enhancement products, especially those designed to increase ejaculation volume, seems to get more and more crowded every day. Among the numerous offerings, there are completely ineffective products, as well as products that go above and beyond what is promised. Though not quite a number one product, Semenax has been shown to have some positive results, and many men swear by the product and its effectiveness. The inclusion of many of the same ingredients found in top male sexual enhancement products designed to increase ejaculation is what gives Semenax a boost above many products that include questionable ingredients for even more questionable results.

Semenax Ingredients

While not packed with effective ingredients as some other products, Semenax proves few some proven inclusions that have shown powerful and consistent results in increasing ejaculate volume. For example, L-arginine. an amino acid, helps to increase the production of ejaculate, boosting the volume. Another amino acid, L-lysine combines with zinc to increase sperm production, which also increases ejaculate volume. Catuaba bark is included for a boost to sexual stamina and energy, and several other natural ingredients work together to improve other aspects of health that are essential for sexual performance and increased ejaculation volume.

Semenax Benefits

The main benefit of Semenax is the increase in the volume of ejaculate produced. With a higher volume of ejaculate, men are more fertile, more virile and more attractive to women. They can also experience longer and stronger orgasms as well. Several ingredients of Semenax take advantage of this increase in ejaculate by also enhancing sexual stamina, energy and drive, leading to more frequent, better sex that offers improved pleasure for both partners.

Buy Semenax

Those interested in Semenax can purchase online through the official website. Semenax comes complete with a 100% guarantee, allowing for a trial of the product with no risk, so you should not be concerned about buying in bulk. A one month supply of Semenax is about $60, while a full year's supply is only $400.

Does Semenax work to increase ejaculation volume?

When it comes to increasing ejaculation volume, there is little question as to results. Either a product does or does not increase ejaculation. Semenax does increase ejaculation for some of the men who try the product. There are several ingredients included in Semenax that have been shown to be effective in the goal of increasing ejaculation, and the combination does work for many men. Semenax is a relatively solid bet, though there are still other more potent products with better reviews. The other products available cost less and have better overall reviews. It is likely that, given a long trial, men using Semenax will enjoy at least some fringe benefits, though increase ejaculate may not be one of them.

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