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There may not be any greater single pleasure on earth than that a man or woman gets from an orgasm. And, one thing that men know is that all orgasms are not created equal. There are some that are plain weak and some that are pretty good and then there are those that are just down right explosive. Those are the kind that just seem to take you to a whole new place and even if it lasts just a few seconds there is no place you'd rather be and the place you want to get back to as soon as possible and as often as possible.

Well, the good news is that over the last decade or so there have been a lot of advances in the study of this issue and what we now know is that the biggest single determining factor in how intense and long lasting a male orgasm can be is directly related to the amount of semen that is available to be expelled. And, any man of experience can tell you that this make perfect sense given that the first orgasm achieved during any sexual encounter is likely be to the best since that is the one that will have the greatest amount of semen available to deliver up orgasm.

The bottom line on this is simply that the more semen that is available at orgasm the harder and longer the testicles have to pump in order to push out all of the available semen. This pumping action leads to greater and prolonged biochemical signals be sent to the brain which then releases more endorphins which produce the euphoric sensation we all associate with the orgasm for longer periods of time.

The advances in understanding this issue has led to a breakthrough combination between science and some often very old herbal remedy studies to create the modern male enhancement supplement. These supplements have generally been designed to help elevate a man's ability to produce testosterone at a high level and restore that ability in men who have gone beyond their peak years which allows them to overcome the worst symptoms of sexual dysfunction such as lowered sex drive and erectile problems.

There are also male enhancement supplements that are specifically designed to target other areas of sexual performance such as increasing semen production in order to boost the intensity and duration of the male orgasm while increasing a woman's pleasure by increasing the amount of semen she receives which is a well-known turn on due to their natural drive to be with men who exhibit the traits of virility.

However, there is one major issue that men seeking male enhancement products today face and that is the fact that due to the incredible and growing popularity of these products every company that can produce a pill is jumping into the game. To prove that point there are now literally hundreds of different male enhancement supplements being sold around the world today with more and more coming all the time.

With all of this in mind we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the best possible products available, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancement supplements out there today: Maxatin.

What To Know About Maxatin

To be incredibly blunt a visit to the official Maxatin website, which lists the seller as JPT Investment Partners of Cyprus, clearly shows that there is not a lot to know about Maxatin. Beyond the professional looking design which presents its text in extremely poor English there is nothing more than a couple of tabs which offer little more than a basic explanation for how it works, another for testimonials which we will address later in this review, a frequently asked questions page which is little more than a selling tool and an order page with a variety of purchase options including discounts for multiple bottle sales.

The Ingredients In Maxatin

It cannot be stressed enough how unacceptable it is that the official website for Maxatin fails to provide even the most basic information concerning the list of ingredients used in its formulation. Without this type of basic information, even if it were only the key active ingredients, consumers and reviewers have no basis to be able to compare this product versus the seemingly endless list of similar supplements.

Clinical Research, Studies And Trials

When it comes to products such as male enhancement supplements there is an obvious need for information regarding what if any research, studies or clinical trials have been done on the product so that consumers and reviewers can get some idea as to its safety and effectiveness.

The failure by the sellers of Maxatin to post any links to this type of data is yet another indicator that there is a serious lack of professionalism associated with this product.

What Users Are Saying About Maxatin

As mentioned above the official website for Maxatin does offer a number of testimonials but, as any experienced consumer knows, testimonials or user reviews posted to a website or on other marketing materials that are owned and controlled by the product's seller have an obvious bias. This being the case, we generally look for other, more independent sources of user reviews.

Scouring a number of websites with industry ties but with no apparent affiliation with the Maxatin or its seller and several chat rooms discussing semen volumizers we found many independent user reviews. Looking at them as a whole it seemed clear that the majority of the user reviews did not have a positive experience with Maxatin. The most common theme among those negative reviews was that the users did not see any notable increase in the semen production levels nor did that experience any orgasms that were more intense or longer lasting.

How Safe Is Maxatin?

As one might guess, without any information related to the ingredients in Maxatin or how they might be formulated there is no reasonable way for anyone to say how safe this product might be. As always, it is advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or another other product where the ingredients are not clearly known.

How To buy Maxatin?

This product is available for purchase through its official website. On the order page one will find three different options starting with a single one month supply (sixty pills) for $44.00 with increasing discounts for two or three bottle orders.

The Final Word On Maxatin

As we talked about at the top of this review there is likely no greater single pleasure in life than the moment of orgasm during sex for both men and women. For men this pleasure can be greatly increased by finding a way to boost the production of semen which causes that chain reaction between the testicles and the brain which produces the release of endorphins that are the end payoff of a great orgasm.

To boost the intensity of a man's orgasm he can now turn to a number of high quality male enhancement supplements specifically formulated to increase the production of semen but, as discussed earlier, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the best options given that there are so many products to choose from and many of them are likely inferior even if their ingredients and claims all seem similar.

Looking at Maxatin it seems that there are only three different categories of details that need to be examined. One is the list of ingredients used in the product and, as we covered, that information is totally missing from its official website. The second is what kind of research, studies or trials have been performed on the product, itself, and, in the case of Maxatin, there is no information offered that any of this has been done to prove the product's effectiveness.

The third category would be what real users have to say about their experience and again, with regard to Maxatin, the independent user reviews that we discovered in a number of various places, showed that the majority of those users did not feel that Maxatin delivered on its many claims related to increased semen volumes and sexual pleasure at the point of orgasm.

With all of these details in mind there is no realistic way to say that Maxatin should be placed among the top performing options for men searching for a way to increase their sexual pleasure.

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