Do Products That Claim To Increase Ejaculate Really Work?

For hundreds of years there has been a market for concoctions that promised to increase the volume of ejaculate. The question we all have to ask ourselves is - why? To understand this, we all need to make sure we are all operating under the same basic assumptions.

The Basics Of Semen

Semen, or seminal fluid, which should not be confused with sperm, is a bodily secretion that carries the sperm as it is expelled from the body. In essence, sperm, which makes up about one percent of the ejaculate (semen and sperm combination) is what is necessary for reproduction.

The vast majority (but not all) of men ejaculate this sperm and semen combination at the moment of sexual orgasm. The total volume of that ejaculate matter depends greatly on a number of factors and can vary widely from one male to another.

In a study by the WHO (World Health Organization), it has been determined that semen volumes can range from 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 millimeters with the average volume falling somewhere between three to five milliliters for both fertile and infertile males. For a better perspective, you should know that a teaspoon is equal to 5 milliliters. Studies also indicate that average semen volumes decrease as males age, from a peak between the ages of 30-35, to a low point after the age of 55.

Psychologically, semen seems to stand alone with males relative to other bodily fluids such sweat and mucus. When it comes to these other secretions it could be said that most, if not all men, wish to have lower levels but, when it comes to semen, it seems men all want to have increase volume.

Increased Ejaculate Volume And Why It Is Desirable

No one can say which came first - the desire for increased ejaculate volume or the products that claimed to be able to help men achieve it. In either case, it is clear now that men have always desired the ability to have larger ejaculations and clearly ego is the driving force behind it.

Whether it is the males' to desire to appear more virile to sex partners or, perhaps, simply a desire to simply make himself feel more virile, one thing cannot be ignored - men like the idea that they can produce large quantities of seminal fluids. The more the better.

Although the volume of semen is now clearly understood to be a matter of vanity it should be noted that there may be an innate psychological desire for larger volumes as it relates to actual fertility. This may be true as, throughout history, higher volumes of semen was said to offer the promise of an increase in the chance of producing male offspring. And, as we all know now, the preference for male children was nearly a ubiquitous desire in most cultures.

In the modern age there seems to be three key reasons men seek to increase their semen volume and also why so many producers offer remedies with largely unfounded claims as to how they can help men achieve this goal: The more semen one produces the more masculine they become, the more semen the more sexual pleasure you will experience and the more semen the more fertile you are likely to be. With that said, let's examine each of these notions.

Masculinity And Ejaculate Volume

With the seemingly ubiquitous presence of porn in the digital age it is clear that modern producers of volume increasing semen products want you to believe that do so will increase you virility, or, at least, your own perception of it. This approach by producers is a winner because there is no real way to achieve provable results as a man's perception of masculinity is a psychological state and has no real connection to his actual physical being. And, since we know that there is a wide range of normal semen volumes there can be no discernible difference between a man's perception of his masculinity and any biological analysis.

In a nutshell, it is the individual male who determines whether he feels masculine or not based on semen volume levels. And, there is no scientific test that can verify or quantify what impact these levels have on the individual male's psyche or his sexual satisfaction and there probably never will be.

Sexual Pleasure And Semen Volume

Product producers, who tend to be largely online outlets, intimate that orgasms will be made more powerful and last longer with higher semen levels. Unfortunately, their claims are large unsupported by any real evidence and are, therefore, not very likely true.

This is the case because the are very few nerve ending in the urethra, which the semen travels through in the process of ejaculation. This means that a man's nervous system is not producing much, if any, electrical signals that the brain would interpret as pleasurable.

Fertility And Semen Volume

Although popular myths abound related to the amount of sperm and its correlation to the amount of semen research indicates that sperm count or sperm density has no real relation to the volume of semen ejaculated. This being the case, there is no evidence that a higher volume of semen has any affect on fertility rates.

Given these conclusions, any man concerned about his physical ability related to fertility should seek out the help of a qualified medical professional before looking for a solution from a producer of product from the internet with unproven track record.

Can Ejaculate Volume Levels Actually Be Increased?

And so we get to the question that men have been asking themselves for all these hundreds of years. The first thing that must be recognized is that there is no way of knowing if there is some form of placebo effect in taking any of these products. And, since there is no easy way outside of a lab to easily and accurately measure output it is unlikely that the average male can really determine if his semen volume has actually increased. So, in the end men using these products are left with one option - taking the producer's at their word. Not be best position to be in.

Taking all that into account, there is research on what actually does affect on fertility and they all revolve around two main things: Illness and treatments for them as well as significant exposure to substances such as chemicals. Again, a medical professional is far more likely to have the answers to these questions than an online pill mill.

It is likely that proper hydration will help your body produce a high level of semen but that is not to say that it would be anything above normal.

Finally, it should be noted that one study found that waiting two to three days between ejaculations can lead to a higher semen volume but also found that waiting even longer to did result in further increases.

So, You Want To Ejaculate Like A Porn Star

Okay, let's get a few things straight here, in many cases depictions of ejaculations, especially with large semen volume in professional pornography are generally manipulated to appear well beyond average. Still, there are cases where the stars ability to produce tremendous output are, by industry insider accounts, quite real and, shall we say, explosive. To learn more about how this is possible click here.

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