Increasing Ejaculation Volume

Ejaculation is the process through which ejaculate is released from the male sexual organs. Ejaculation takes place in two phases. The first stage is called emission, and in this process the sperm leave the testes and move to the beginning of the urethra which is a tube that runs through the penis and transports either urine or sperm. In the second stage, which is commonly referred to as ejaculation, the semen is expelled from the body through the urethra.

While ejaculation volume varies from man to man, some find themselves unsatisfied with their ejaculation volume. There are several different factors such as age, health and frequency of ejaculation that control ejaculation volume.

Normal ejaculation volume

Ejaculation volume can vary widely from man to man, and depends on many different factors. For the average male, however, the standard ejaculation volume expelled during ejaculation is around a half of a teaspoon. It is common among men, however, to be unsatisfied with their ejaculation volume. There can be any number of reasons for low ejaculation volume, but regardless of what those reasons are, the situation remains a concern. This is why many men are interested in finding safe and natural ways to increase their ejaculation volume. Luckily, it is possible to increase ejaculation volume.

Longer, stronger ejaculations for better orgasms

One of the main reasons ejaculation volume is a concern for so many men is because longer and stronger ejaculations lead to better orgasms. The higher the ejaculation volume that is produced, the longer and stronger the orgasm will be. This is because the more ejaculate that needs be released, longer and more numerous contractions of the muscles used to push ejaculate from the body will be needed. The more these muscles contract, the longer the pleasure of working last. Also with more ejaculate to be released, these muscles will need to contract more strongly. The stronger the muscle contractions, the stronger the orgasm. Obviously, this is an extremely strong motivator for men to seek out products designed to increase the ejaculation volume with each orgasm.

Increasing ejaculation volume naturally: pills and herbs

There are many different options available for increasing male stamina naturally, as well as boosting ejaculation volume. There are several different products on the market today that are designed to enhance the amount of ejaculate produced and released with each orgasm. Most of these products are herbs and pills composed of all natural ingredients proven to enhance male sexual stamina and increase ejaculate.

The best products available contain combinations of powerful ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba bark, and Yohimbe. When using concert in quality pills and herbal supplements, these proven ingredients have been shown to safely and gently increase ejaculation volume which provides for longer stronger ejaculations and better orgasms.

For those interested in achieving these results for themselves, careful examination of ingredients should indicate the quality of the product. For improved ejaculation experience, be sure to select a product that contains at least one, but preferably more, of these tried and tested natural ingredients. Also, be sure to do careful research including reading consumer reviews in order to select the best product for you.

One-stop solutions to increase ejaculate

Recommended volume increasing pills

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