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You can remember when the sex you had was absolutely intense. You had incredible sexual drive. You had unbelievable stamina and endurance and your orgasms were, some might say, cosmic. Maybe this memory is pretty recent or maybe it goes back years. No matter what the case may be you'll never forget those times and, more importantly, you wish you could get them back.

Yes, the days of incredible sex and mighty orgasms have always been reserved for younger guys who are in the prime of their lives and there is a very simple reason for that - it's called being in the prime of the lives. This means that they are at their physical peaks and everything about their bodies and the systems within it are firing on all cylinders and because of that everything about being alive is working at its highest possible level.

When it comes to orgasms this can best be demonstrated by the fact that young men are producing extremely high levels of testosterone which translates into peak levels of sperm and semen production. And, for those who may not know, it is the amount of semen that the testicles are required to pump out at the moment of orgasm that largely dictates how intense an orgasm will be. To put it simply, the greater the amount of semen that is stored up the harder and longer the testicles have to work to pump it all out. This action then, through bioelectrical signals tells the brain to release pleasure inducing endorphins and the greater the signals the greater the endorphin release.

The problem is that once men get beyond their peak physical years their systems begin to slow down and, as a result, so does the production of testosterone. This leads to a chain reaction that ultimately leads to a reduction in semen and the release of endorphins that produce those intense orgasms. Now, this has always been true for men since the beginning of humanity and there has always been little that they could do about it until recently.

In recent years some new science and some age old herbal remedies have come together to create something called the male enhancement supplement. These products are generally designed to replenish the male body with many of the elements that are necessary for high level functionality. There are also some of these supplements that are specifically formulated to increase the production of semen in order to enhance orgasms. That means that they not only help to rejuvenate the systems that work to produce testosterone which leads to the revitalization of sexual drive or libido and the ability to form harder and longer lasting erections, improve stamina and endurance but they also work more than some to produce higher levels of sperm and semen. As a matter of course, this leads to the desired effect of enhancing the intensity and duration of male orgasms.

The problem that many men encounter when they go looking for a male enhancement supplement and specifically these special formulations known generally as semen volumizers is that they come to discover that there are just so many products to choose from and most of them have very similar ingredients and nearly identical claims.

This being the case, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that are best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancement supplements on the market today - it's called Ropex.

Inside Ropex

A product of the U.S.A., Ropex is manufactured in an FDA-Audited GMP certified laboratory. Among its claims is that it supports prostate function, maintains urinary function and boosts male reproductive health. It also claims to renew sexual vigor for faster sexual recovery times. It also states that it uses a non-GMO formula that is vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

An interesting side note is that according to information on the official website for Ropex its name derives from the claim that, with the use of Ropex, users can expect to experience their semen being delivered in thick streams reminiscent of the look of rope.

Ropex Ingredients

It should be noted that the official website for Ropex is serves as little more than a sales brochure for the product. There are plenty of claims which we have enumerated above and the opportunity to purchase the product in a number of different ways but it is also extremely short on any evidence that supports its many claims.

Clinical Data

As mentioned above there is no actual evidence of any clinical research, studies or trials that provide credible or verifiable evidence that Ropex can deliver on its claims that it can help produce larger volumes of semen or any of its other proclaimed benefits.

What Real Users Are Saying

There are many testimonials that can be found on the official website for Ropex attesting to its incredible benefits. There is also a statement declaring that all of the testimonials found on the Ropex website are real and verifiable because the company claims to have maintained possession of the original documents. However, as any experienced consumer understands, testimonials and user reviews displayed on any official website for a product are generally biased by the fact that they are obviously hand selected by the company. For a more a unbiased view of what user are saying we decided to look for more independent sources.

Using a standard search of multiple industry related websites with no apparent connection to Ropex and a number of internet based chat rooms discussing semen volumizers we found a sizable number of user reviews for Ropex. Looking at the whole of these it was clear that the majority of these user reviews were rather negative in their views. The most common comment among them was simply that most users did not experience the kinds of benefits that Ropex claimed that they would.

Medical Concerns

Without being provided with the list ingredients used in Ropex there is no real way to comment on their quality, suitability or safety of the ingredients. It should not be overlooked that it is highly unusual that a company which produces a product of this nature does not prominently display the list of ingredients.

Regardless of this fact, it is always advisable to seek out a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of a product of this nature even when the ingredients are clearly disclosed.

Pricing Information

Customers can purchase a one month supply of Ropex from its official website for $39.95. There are also several options for discounts for purchases of larger quantities.

The Final Verdict On Ropex

Although men throughout the ages had little choice to accept this fact there is now ample evidence that the modern semen volumizing male enhancement supplement can help to bolster the production of testosterone and the production of semen to bring back those high intensity orgasms every man who feels he has lost a step remembers.

Looking a Ropex specifically, there are multiple aspects that must be looked at in order to determine if this product is likely to work. The first is that the official website for Ropex does not list the ingredients used in Ropex. This highly unusual decision cannot seriously be considered a positive for those with any intent of trying the product. A second aspect is that there is no credible or verifiable evidence of any clinical research, studies or trials that would support the claims made for Ropex.

A third aspect is that the vast majority of independent user reviews could only be classified as being highly negative regarding their experience with Ropex. Combining all three of the facts makes it clear that Ropex, at least under the current circumstances, has not done what should be considered necessary to prove itself among the best possible choices when it comes to a product that will help men who want to get back to having intense orgasms.

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