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Since the dawn of life every creature has struggled to survive and, when possible, dominate the society it lives in. This is no less true for humans and, arguably, especially for men. And, even though we live in a far more civilized world than our ancestors did throughout history, there is little question that this battle for dominance go and will for the foreseeable future. The point here is that this fight for domination in the world of men goes far beyond the quest for land or money or power. It also extends to the pursuit of mates and, for men, sometimes all the land, money or power in the world will not be enough to get and hold the women that they truly desire. That is why so much attention is paid to looking for ways to make men who feel that they want to dominate in the bedroom. And, part of this leads them to grave better sex and the feeling that they are kings in this domain.

One way to make this pursuit attainable is to find ways of increasing not only their own pleasure but that of their sexual partners and, even though many have sought that throughout the centuries, it's only been over the last couple of decades that science and its merging with herbal studies have produced something that all men can use. It's called a semen volumizing male enhancement supplement.

Now, for those of us who have yet to hear much above these amazing and relatively new products one has to understand that they were created as an offshoot of the original male enhancement supplements which were first made for aging men who wanted to boost their testosterone levels after they started to drop off after reaching their peak levels leading up to a man's point of full maturity. This was achieved by creating a formula of some variation of all-natural substances which were discovered to kick start the failing testosterone production and help men get back to feeling and acting much like they did during the peak years. What was also discovered, in time, was that a variation on those formulas could also be used in increase the level of semen that a man produces. So, for those who may not be seeing the point here, the more semen that a man has stored up in his testicles the more likely he is to have an explosive and long lasting orgasm as the release of all of the semen causes a biochemical chain reaction which ends up releasing more endorphins which are responsible for the rush or euphoria that all men have come to know as the male orgasm.

The one real issue that has come about due to these great advances is that the industry that produces them has now become so successful and popular that it is now findings itself flooded with literally hundreds of such products as just about every entity with the ability to package a pill and bring it to market has done so. And, given that is has now been shown that many of these newer products are very often less effective than the industry's best it's easy to see how so many male consumers are becoming more and more frustrated as they try to find the product that will truly rock their world.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find what they are looking for, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancers on the market today - it's called Jaculex.

The Basics

Produced and distributed by the company Osyris Nutrition, LLC of Windemere, Florida Jaculex is said to offer whole host of benefits to men who want to have a better sex life. Further, it is said to provide a rather powerful list of ingredients designed to improve a man's total level of energy, elevate blood flow and increase the overall quantity of semen that a man can produce which then leads to more powerful orgasms of greater duration.

Jaculex Ingredients

The set of ingredients found in Jaculex could be considered quite common among products of this type and even many of the industry's leading brands. They include Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali Root Powder, Polypodium Vulgare Powder, Muira Puama Root Powder, Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, L-Arginine and Panax Ginseng.

Research, Studies And Clinical Data

No one would dispute the fact that having the ingredients of a product listed on the package is a good thing as it allows potential users the chance to see if it has the most wanted elements or the least wanted which might be responsible for problems like allergic reactions. Still, it should be pointed out that there are other forms of information such as data from research, studies and clinical trials that can be far more useful in getting to the core of what matters.

Research involving a number of sources including those provided by Osyris Nutrition and other outside sources showed that there are no credible reports that would offer any evidence that would help to support the many claims made for Jaculex.

What Real Users Are Saying

Before we all had access to the internet and the incredible amount of communication that it allows us with other average consumers most people had no real way of knowing just how good or bad a product or service might be. But, with the easy access to user reviews we all now can see what people are really thinking and that is what has led many companies to swing negative opinions with many suspect user reviews of their own making or urging. This situation clearly leads to an obvious and inherent type of bias. Keeping that in mind we always look for more independent sources.

Using a survey of a great many industry websites tied to the industry as well as a number of chat rooms and online forums with a history of talking about semen volumizers we found a significant cache of independent user reviews. A quick calculation showed that the vast majority of them did not seem to believe that they received any notable or lasting benefits from its use.

How Safe Is Jaculex?

Going back over the listing of ingredients used in the making of Jaculex it seems unlikely that there would be any significant negative effects as they are all well-known and used widely in the industry and even among a number of industry leaders. Still, it would always be wise to seek out a consultation with a physician or qualified medical professional before starting to daily use of this or any similar product.

How To Buy Jaculex

At the point in time that this review was published a one month supply of Jaculex is priced at $23.74 and can be bought through a wide array of well-established online retail platforms such as Amazon.com.

The Last Word

As we discussed at the opening of this review men find themselves in constant competition for everything including finding and keeping sex partners. To get an edge and increase their own sexual pleasure they are turning to semen volumizers. The question here is if Jaculex is one of the best options and to determine that we looked at three core factors.

One was the list of ingredients which have shown that they are quite comparable to many of its chief competitors. Another was to look at any available research or testing data but no credible reports could be found. The last factor was related to what independent user reviews have said and the verdict there was clearly on the negative side.

Putting all of these factors together there seems to be little doubt that Jaculex is not ready for prime time.

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