ViMulti Male Fertility Pills Review

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ViMulti Male Fertility Pills

Maybe you lost a woman or have yet to find a woman. Maybe you have a woman but you have a feeling that something is wrong. Maybe she told you what it is or maybe you been able to figure it out on your own. Maybe you've come to realize it's something that you may have never known was something that men think about in one way while women see it in another. Yes, we're talking about semen volume and the very real or perceived levels of sperm that comes with it.

The fact is that every man wants to be seen a strong, virile and able to deliver the goods even if he or his partner have no intention of conceiving. Examples of this permeate the internet with photos and videos of men dispensing seemingly impossibly large loads of semen in pornographic material. So, you may wondered, why is this so appealing to both men and women? Well, the answer is lies in the primal instincts that we all carry around with us no matter how advanced we become as a species. The simple fact is that sexual attraction is and always will be largely based on how men and women perceive each in relation to the sexual signals they each gives off.

For example, women are instinctively drawn to men who exude the characteristics of being able provide her with many strong children. One of the key indicators of this shows itself in the amount of semen a man produces and delivers during sex. Men, on the other hand are drawn to women who appear to be able to produce many children. That's why men are so drawn to women who with shapely round hips and larger breasts. These attributes suggest the woman can easily bare children and feed them in their infancy.

So, what should a man do if he has come to the realization that he is not packing the kind of punch, semen-wise, that a woman is genetically programed to desire? Well, up until recently there was not a lot he could do. But, here in the twenty-first century, science and medicine have combined to bring us all a seemingly endless supply of products and remedies to help with nearly every issue we face. And, this includes low levels of semen production.

With all of this in mind, we, in our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that are right for them, have decided to take a look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements available today - it's called ViMulti Male Fertility pills.

Inside ViMulti Male Fertility

ViMulti Male Fertility pills are a product of Biopharm Nutraceuticals Inc. which, although relatively new in terms of their presence in the multi-billion dollar male supplement market, have a number of product designed to help their customers with a variety of health related issues from male fertility to problems associated with height.

In the case of male fertility the manufacturer claims that their product can help to increase the production of semen and sperm content up to as much as 40 million sperm (Oligospermia) per ejaculation. This is accomplished with an ingredient list loaded with a specifically chosen list of all-natural element with a long track record of affecting the chemical processes with the male to boost the production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which leads to an increase in the production of testosterone and the free flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscle groups and organs including the sexual organs.

Active Ingredients for ViMulti Male Fertility

The following ingredients have been shown in many studies to have a positive effect on the production on nitric oxide in the bloodstream and other beneficial health processes:

  • Zinc: Critical to the overall function of the sexual organs
  • MACA Root: Increases sexual endurance and stamina while also acting as an aphrodisiac
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Well-known for its positive effects in promoting the increase of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which supercharges many other chemical processes including the production of semen and sperm

User Reviews

Although there are numerous reviews that can be found on online retail sites that offer ViMulti Male Fertility pills and most of them are favorable to one degree or another it should be noted, as any experienced consumer should know, that many companies tend to encourage the flooding of these review pages with positive feedback. It's not to say that these reviews cannot be judged as true it's just far more likely that one can find a more unbiased sampling of opinions elsewhere.

As is our normal practice, we searched around a number of industry websites and chat rooms with no known affiliation to ViMulti and found the majority of these more independent user reviews seemed to have a rather negative view of their experience with this product. The main theme seemed to indicate that, in many cases, the users did not note any discernible benefit from the use of ViMulti Male Fertility pills.

Pros of ViMulti Fertility Pills

  • Increases nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream to boost chemical processes
  • May increase production levels of semen and sperm counts
  • Claims to promote an increase in libido or sexual drive

Cons of ViMulti Fertility Pills

  • This product has not been reviewed by the Federal Drug Administration
  • Lack of research, clinical studies or trials to support this specific formula
  • Independent user reviews are generally negative in nature

Medical Cautions

Biopharm Nutraceuticals claims that ViMulti Male Fertility pills are all-natural in composition. Our research did not find any verifiable claims of serious adverse side effects. Notwithstanding, it is always advisable to seek out a consultation with your primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any similar product.

Our Final Conclusion

As discussed that the start of this review, men and women both have some deeply ingrained primal urges and instincts that will always be with us and a part of the decision making process that we go through as we seek out sexual partners. These instincts also play a significant role in our own perceptions of who we are and what we believe we deserve as we try to establish our place in the greater social order around us.

For men, the desire to be seen as a superior specimen shows itself in many ways but one is the need to know that they are virile. And, a seemingly small but major component of that is the knowledge that they can produce large volumes of semen and the sperm that naturally goes with it. This knowledge translates into an increased sense of confidence and ability to satisfy the needs, wants and desires of women in their search for the best sexual partners.

Looking at the claims of ViMulti Male Fertility pills there are a few things that must be considered. The first is that there is little supporting information for these claims as the company does not supply any links that we could find to any research, clinical studies or trials that specifically support their specific formulation. A second thing is that the majority of independent user reviews that we could find on non-affiliated websites and chat rooms were quite negative in the opinions based on their personal experiences.

All in all, when one looks at what little information has been made available to consumers and the poor ratings of ViMulti Male Fertility pills it is, indeed, difficult to find a ways to group this product in with the best semen volumizing male enhancement product out there today.

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