Ball Refill Review

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Ball Refill

Life can have a lot pleasures but one of the most important ones is sex. We all love to think about it, to plan it, anticipate it and have it. Another thing we like to do is figure out ways to make it better. This explains why there is a large and varied group of industries built up around helping us do this with products and services from adult videos to books to sexual aids such as toys to supplements designed to heighten the experience.

For men there are a wide variety of products to help overcome issues with sexual dysfunction including ones that help to overcome diminished libido and even deal with issues related to erectile dysfunction. Still, others are designed for totally virile men who may be seeking ways to elevate their ability to enjoy the sexual experience. One of these is a line of products generally known as semen volumizing supplements. These products provide the male body with the elements necessary to increase the production of semen which is a critical aspect in producing more intense and longer lasting male orgasms.

For those who may not be familiar with the science involved it comes down to a few basic biological facts. In essence, the greater the amount of semen stored up within the testicles the harder and longer they have to pump to expel all of the built up semen. This, in turn, causes a greater and longer lasting series of biochemical signals being sent to the brain. The result of that is a greater and longer lasting release of endorphins which is the cause of the great sense of euphoria we all recognize as the male orgasm.

There is another side benefit to men with the use of semen volumizers. This is related to what their sex partners think and feel when encountering these greater volumes of semen. It all has to do with the basic instincts which drive women to be attracted to and want to be with men who exhibit higher traits of virility. Yes, even though modern women may not be driven by the same social pressures to bear children at a high rate, there is still a deep seated attraction to men that they believe are capable of providing them with many strong offspring.

The problem that has come about because of these great advances is that the market for these products has become flooded with literally hundreds of the various health aids and many of them have been shown to be of inferior quality even though most contain very similar ingredients and tend to make very similar claims. The result of this is that men seeking to try a semen volumizer are often left scratching their heads when it comes to choosing which product is right for them.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancement supplements on the market today - it's called Ball Refill.

What To Know

Produced and distributed by Vigor Labs this product is one in a long line of male health products being offered. Looking at the available information it appears that the company is promoting the use of multiple products to help men achieve an overall improvement in multiple areas from sexual enhancement to increased physical strength.

Ball Refill Active Ingredients

According to the label of the bottle there are two main ingredients which are measured Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) and Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) and many others which are not detailed as they are part of a proprietary formula. They include the following:

Maca, (Lepidium Meyenii) (Root), Horny Goat Weed Extract 20:1, (Epimedium Sagittatum) (Whole Plant), Panax Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) (Root), Yohimbe Extract, (Standardized To 8% Yohimbe Alkaloids), (Pausinystalia Yohimbe) (Bark), Sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus) (Root), Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit), Saw Palmetto Extract 4:1, (Serenoa Repens) (Berries), Ginkgo Biloba Extract, (Standardized To 24% Flavone glycosides, 6% Terpene lactones) (Leaf), Long Jack Extract 100:1, (Eurycoma longifolia) (Root), Flower Pollen Extract and Chrysin.

The Science Behind Ball Refill

Reviewing the ingredients in products of this nature is a good way to understand just how safe and effective it is likely to be but a deeper understanding can be had by looking at the way in which those elements are formulated to create the final product.

Being that Ball Refill is made using a largely proprietary formula there is no way to gain a complete understanding of this product and its composition. Further, the normal process for products of this nature usually includes a great degree of research, study and clinical testing but in this case we could find no evidence of that any research and testing of this type has been conducted.

Testimonials And User Reviews

It has become a norm within this industry to use testimonials and user reviews as a selling tool given that these tactics have proven to be one of the most effective and trusted strategies in gaining consumer confidence. That said, there is a major issue in the fact that most consumers tend to see these types of comments on seller websites or in other marketing materials which were created and controlled by the producer. Since this creates an obvious and inherent bias we always like to look for more independent sources of user reviews.

Scanning numerous industry related websites with no apparent connection to Ball Refill or Vigor Labs as well as a number of chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement and semen volumizers we found a wide variety of independent user reviews. Going over the ratings given it is clear that the vast majority of these reviewers did not believe that Ball Refill lived up to its claims in any significant way.

Health And Safety Issues

Looking back at the list of ingredients used in the production of Ball Refill it seems clear that the list of ingredients is generally in wide use within the industry and that there are no significant reports of serious health risks or side effects that we are aware of. However, given that there is always a risk with products of this nature it is advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a regimen of this or any other similar product.

How And Where To Buy Ball Refill

This product is available for sale through a variety of well-known online retail platforms. The average price for a thirty pill one month supply varies significantly across these platforms so some research will be required in order to get the best price.

Our Conclusion On Ball Refill

Achieving the most intense and long lasting male orgasms is goal any man would like and a high quality semen volumizing male enhancement supplement has been shown to be a low cost and highly effective way to make that happen. The question at hand is whether Ball Refill is among the best available options. To know this we looked at three basic aspects.

The first is the set of ingredients used in its production and, as discussed, those ingredients are in wide use within the industry. The second aspect is the way in which those ingredients are said to be formulated. Since Ball Refill is made using a proprietary formula there is no definitive set of conclusions that can be made. The last aspect is related to what independent user reviews have had to say about their experiences with Ball Refill. In the majority of cases the ratings were highly negative due to the feeling that they did not receive any significant benefit from its use even after having used it for a month or more.

Ultimately, all of these aspects combine to produce a picture of a product that does not measure up well against the best this industry has to offer.

For more information regarding top rated, high quality semen volumizing male enhancement supplements available on today's market click here.

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