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All over the world and since the dawn of humanity men have had to fight for everything that they have and for respect and power. Now, this may seem like a description of world that seems lost in today's modern civilization but these basic instincts remains alive in well in all of use. It's just that the environment has largely changed but the game remains the same. And, when it comes to sex and who we want to have sex with it's just as competitive as it's always been. This is why man from the beginning and right up to now have always looked for some kind of edge that will give them a leg up on their competitors. And, for those guys that really want to make it to the top of the heap that means finding ways to do everything that they can to be as attractive to women as possible such as building up their bodies.

On problem that confronts a lot of men is the nagging sense that no matter what they do to become more enticing to women they will always behind the eight ball when it comes to the size of their penis. Yes, all men instinctively know that the size of the penis matters in how women look at them. Sure, there has been a lot of talk over the years on how women say that size doesn't matter but we all know that it would be just plain hurtful to millions of men out there to say otherwise. Fortunately, after centuries of men having no real options to help with this issue, recent advances have brought them a number of real choices.

The first one to look at is what is known generally as penile enlargement surgery and, yes, it is as drastic as it sounds because it involves cutting the existing flesh of the penis and adding skin grafts to supplement the size of it. And, yes, it is likely to be as painful and expensive as one would imagine. Another option is what's widely known as traction therapy which involves placing one's penis in a device that literally pulls on the penis for hours a day most every day for months on end. The idea is that, over time, the cell's within the penis will become stretched and add more cells thus adding size over time. If that option doesn't sound too appealing one should consider the newest option of all which are a family of generally all-natural male enhancement supplements designed to increase blood flow in general but specifically to the penis which, of course, leads to a fuller and larger penis both while in the flaccid state and while erect.

If you are one of the guys out there who has yet to hear much about these supplements they started off being formulated for aging men who have lost the capacity to produce testosterone at a high level and need a boost to kick start their systems so that they can get back to being the men that they were in their primes. On the heels of that success it was discovered that a different formulations could be created to boost other systems in the body specifically the production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which improves blood flow - thus, the creation of products that help men increase the size of their penis.

The only real issue is that these products have become so popular that the market for them has become flooded with literally hundreds of lesser quality examples and it is becoming harder and harder for men to discern which of them with get the job done.

Knowing this we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about penis enlargement male enhancers on the market today - it's called MaxxLoad.

The Basics

As a product which is produced and distributed by Osyris Nutrition, LLC of Windemere, Florida MaxxLoad is claimed to provide whole host of benefits to guys who want to better themselves and have a better sex life. Specifically, it is claimed to offer a powerful set of elements designed to increase a man's total energy levels, increase blood flow and elevate the quantity of semen that a man produces which ends up providing more powerful and longer lasting male orgasms.

MaxxLoad Ingredients

It is easy to see that the list of ingredients used in the production of MaxxLoad has a lot in common with many of the leading brands in this category of male enhancement supplements. Among them are Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Polypodium Vulgare Powder, Tongkat Ali Root Powder, Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, Muira Puama Root Powder, L-Arginine (L-Arginine HCI) and Panax Ginseng.

Research, Studies And Clinical Data

There is no doubt that have a good understanding of the ingredients in any product is helpful to consumers as it can tell them if it contains the active ingredients that they are looking for as well as if it contains elements which may be a problem such as if it could cause an allergic reaction. Still, there are other forms of information which can be far more useful to consumers who are looking for a deeper dive - it's the data which is derived from research, studies and clinical trials assuming that the product in question has been the subject of any of that which is not always required in products such as MaxxLoad.

A survey of all available sources both from the producer and several outside sources which commonly track these kinds of things we could not find any credible or verifiable reports which would offer any support for the many claims being put forth regarding MaxxLoad.

What Real Users Are Saying

In the age of the internet most companies have turned to the use of testimonials and user reviews as a way to reach consumers given that these types of user comments have been shown to be perhaps the single most trusted form of advertising. The real problem with that is the fact that many companies have invested heavily in websites and other forms of marketing which provide user reviews but which are under the control of the seller. This creates what can only be viewed as a situation filled with an obvious and inherent bias as no company is likely to post reviews which are negative. Because of this we always look for sources of user reviews which have a more independent point of view.

Based on a survey of numerous online forums and chat rooms known to discuss male enhancers as well as multiple industry related sites with no known ties to MaxxLoad or Osyris Nutrition, LLC we located a wide array of independent user reviews. A calculation of the overall user ratings showed that most of them did not have a favorable opinion of their experiences with this product.

How Safe Is MaxxLoad?

Reviewing the list of ingredients used in the making of MaxxLoad and given that they are widely used across the industry for products of this type is seems unlikely that there would be any serious health issue for individuals with no significant medical concerns. However, it is always best to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning a daily regimen of this or any other product with a similar elemental composition.

How To Buy MaxxLoad

As of the time of publication a one month supply of this product is priced at $23.74 and can be purchased through any number of well-established online retail outlets such as

The Last Word

Men seeking an edge in the competition for women and their place in this world appear to be turning more and more to high quality penis enlarging male enhancement supplements. What we wanted to know is if MaxxLoad is among the best options out there. To determine this we examined three core factors.

One was the list of ingredients and we found that they are common throughout the industry and even in many of the top selling brands. Another was to look at any data that might be available showing that MaxxLoad was the subject of any credible or verifiable research or testing and we did not find this to be the case. The last factor was to see what independent user reviews were saying and, by most accounts, they did not feel that MaxxLoad lived up to its many claims in any meaningful or lasting way.

Pulling all of these factors together is seems that there are many better choices for men seeking help with issues related to a penis that just does not measure up in their minds.

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