Healthy Powerful Male Review

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Healthy Powerful Male

Making the sexual experience better has been a pursuit in every culture since the beginning of mankind in numerous ways from the Kama Sutra to modern day sex toys and pornography to all sorts of potions, elixirs using a lot of different and generally all-natural ingredients. For men who want to find a way to make their sexual experiences even better many are turning to something called the modern male enhancement supplement.

If you are one of those who have yet to hear about these new health aids the main things to know are that they were first introduced in the early part of this century as a way to deal with mild to moderate sexual dysfunction in men who had moved past their peak physical years due to a loss in their ability to produce testosterone at the same high level that they had once had in their teens and twenties. This crucial male hormone is largely responsible for everything from the capacity to build large amounts of lean muscle mass and the ability to burn fat at a high rate to promoting a high level of sexual drive and providing the energy, stamina and endurance needed for sexual performance.

In the process of discovering how to create these male enhancers with the use of generally all-natural ingredients it was also found that different formulations could target more specific male issues including the promotion of greater semen production. This is important because the intensity and duration of the male orgasm is greatly affected by the amount of semen which a man has stored up. In short, the more semen built up the harder and longer the testicles have to work to expel it all. This means that there will be more and longer lasting sets of biochemical signals being sent to the brain which, in turn, leads to a greater and longer lasting release of endorphins being released by the brain which, of course, leads to a more intense and longer lasting feeling of euphoria we all know and love as the central feelings associated with the male orgasm.

The one real issue that has arisen from all of these great advances is that the industry has now ballooned to the point where there are now literally hundreds of these products on the market and many of them have been proven to be less than highly effective even though they often claim to contain many of the most well-recognized ingredients. As one would suspect, this has led to a situation where consumers are too often left scratching their heads as they try to choose a product that will help them achieve the results that they want.

It is for this reason that we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked semen volumizing male enhancement supplements available today - it's called Healthy Powerful Male.

Inside Healthy Powerful Male

This product is produced and distributed by a company called Great Lakes Nutrition of Woodland Hills, CA. The basic claims that it makes for Healthy Powerful Male are that it provides the necessary vitamins, minerals and other elements needed to significantly increase the level of semen production, improve sperm motility and promote higher levels of sexual energy, stamina and endurance.

Being that we did not locate an official product website for the company or product there is little information available as to any clinical data which we will discuss later on in this review.

Active Ingredients

A review of the active ingredients listing on the bottle of the product we found that the formulation has been designated as proprietary, which simply means that the full details of how it was formulated is not being fully disclosed. What we do know is that it contains a number of well-established all-natural ingredients found in many of its top rated competitors. They include Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Vulgare Powder, Muira Puama, L-Arginine and Panax Ginseng.

Clinical Research

Seeing that the list of active ingredients in Healthy Powerful Male are in wide use across the industry one might tend to believe that this product is comparable to the best that the market has to offer but there is an important factor which cannot be ascertained just by knowing that. We are speaking about the product's overall safety and efficacy which is based on the way in which it was formulated. As an example, one might think about a product which contains all of the very best in ingredients but at levels far below the recommended amounts. In all likelihood that product would not be very effective and could have to potential for health issues in some users. To alleviate any issues in this regard most companies perform a requisite amount of research, studies and clinical trials to test the safety and effectiveness.

Based on a review of numerous outside sources we could not locate any links to data which would indicate that Healthy Powerful Male had been the subject of any of this type of research or testing.

Testimonials And User Reviews

Over the years it has been found that testimonials and user reviews have become one of the most trusted forms of sales techniques for products of all kinds. This explains why most companies feature them prominently on official product websites and in multiple other forms of marketing materials. The issue here is that those comments which appear on platforms created and controlled by the seller have what can only be thought of a having a clear and inherent bias. This being the case we always look for more independent sources of testimonials and user reviews.

In a study of numerous industry websites with no known connection to this product or Great Lakes Nutrition plus several online forums and chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement products we came upon a fair number of independent user reviews for Healthy Powerful Male. In an overview of the general rating we learned that the vast majority of them did not have a positive experience with this product.

Health Concerns

As discussed earlier, Healthy Powerful Male is claimed to be made with a proprietary formulation of ingredients with a long history of use in the male enhancement market. Since would generally indicate that there is not likely to be any serious health issues associated with it. However, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a daily regimen of use with this or any similar product.

How To Buy

Without an official product website potential buyers will have to turn to any number or well-known online retail outlets to purchase this product. As of the time of publication the average cost of a one month supply was $29.95.

The Final Conclusion

When men are looking for way to improve their overall sexual experience one of the first things that they turn to in recent years is a high quality semen volumizing male enhancing supplement because of its ability to increase the intensity and duration of the male orgasm. What we set out to find here is if Healthy Powerful Male is among the best that the industry has to offer. To determine that we decided to look at three core aspects of the product.

The first was the listing of active ingredients and, as mentioned, it seems clear that the set of elements used are comparable to most of the top rated products of its kind. The second aspect has to do with the formulation of those ingredients and the fact that we could not find any evidence that this product was not subjected to any standardized research or testing is a distinct negative. The final aspect is related to what we found in our survey of independent user reviews. In this case the overall opinions of these users showed that Healthy Powerful Male did not live up to its many promises.

Considering all that we know it appears clear that, at this time, Healthy Powerful Male cannot be thought of as one of the best options for men seeking to increase the power and duration of their orgasms.

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