Viamax Volumizer Review

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Viamax Volumizer

There is definitely something to the idea that power is destiny and for a vast majority of men a key part of the power that they feel that they have in this world is largely predicated on how they feel about the size of their own penis and how it compares to what they have to deem as the competition meaning all the other men in the world. This is hardly a new phenomenon as this type of penis comparison has roots going all the way back to the earliest days of mankind and is still constantly being debated in psychology circles. Still, the basic facts are indisputable - when a man feels that his penis is not measuring up well against other men he instinctively feels that he is a lesser man who is unlikely to beat out the other guy in the competition for money power and, yes, sex in this game of life.

Sure, there are many things that men can do and actually do to compensate for this feeling of inadequacy such as work hard to build up the rest of their bodies or to make a lot of money or to drive expensive and flashy cars to make a public statement or display of their positive attributes. Still, when it comes right down to it there is nothing that makes a man feel more like a man than a large penis. Given this fact it is no wonder that men since the beginning of time has looked for ways to increase the size of their manhood with everything from spells and potions right up to the modern age with some options that really do work. That said, let's take a look at what some of those options are.

First of all there is what we tend to call penis enlargement surgery which is just what it sounds like - an expensive and painful procedure which uses skin grafts to actually add flesh to the penis which makes it larger both while flaccid and erect. But, let's face it, that may be an option but for most guys but it's certainly not the first thing any man should look at. Another option is what most call the traction method which involves using a mechanical device to slowly stretch the tissues of the penis on a near daily basis and for months in a row in order to break down the tissue cells and force them to regenerate filling in the space created by the stretching action to ultimately create a larger penis. The other major option is to use something called generally called a penis enlarging male enhancement supplement which is generally designed to increase the amount of nitric oxide in the male's bloodstream which can improve overall blood flow to all of the major muscle groups and to the penis so that it remains engorged at a higher level and leads to a larger and firmer penis.

The only real issue that the male enhancer option presents is that the industry that produces them has grown so successful and popular that just about any company that can make a pill and bring it to market is doing so in order to cash in on what has now become a multi-billion dollar market. And, given that many of these newer products are proving to be often less effective and sometimes less safe than many of the leading brands despite claims that they have the same basic ingredients can be very confusing and frustrating for consumers.

This is why we, as a continuing part of our attempts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about penis enlarging male enhancement supplements on the market today - it's called Viamax Volumizer.

Another key part of this issue is that men also want to enjoy the sex that they do have even more and anything that can help them expand the pleasure of their orgasms would be an added bonus. And that's what makes Viamax Volumizer such an intriguing subject.

The Basics

Originally, the company called Viamax was created in Sweden in 1998 by Robert Algstedt and rapidly grew to include a long line of products primarily aimed at the sexual aid market. With the introduction of the Viamax Volumizer the company quickly became an early leader in the semen volumizing world after many studies showed that by increasing the amount of semen that a man produces one could also increase the intensity and duration of the male orgasm.

For those who may not be familiar with the basic process it's all simply a matter of forcing the testicles to contract harder and longer in order to pump out all of the built up semen. This, in turn, causes more intense and longer lasting biochemical signals to be sent to the brain which then induces a larger and longer lasting release of endorphins which are the generators of the euphoric sense that men all know and love as the feeling of the male orgasm.

Viamax Volumizer Ingredients

A review of the active and inactive ingredients show that they are generally well-established within the industry and are contained in a long list of industry leading products. They are claimed to include L-Arginine 150 mg, Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng), L-Lysine, L-Carnitine, Selenium and Coenzyme.

Research, Studies And Clinical Data

Anyone who has a strong understanding of the listed ingredients in any product can benefit from that knowledge as they will know if the product contains the elements that they were looking for and if, on the other hand, it contains items that they did not want or that might cause health concerns such as allergic reactions. Still, there are other sources of information which can be far more helpful in truly understanding the product. This is generally data which is gathered during research, studies and clinical trials assuming those have been conducted. Surprisingly to some this is not always the case as regulations regarding research and testing vary widely around the world even in highly developed countries.

Based on a survey of company provided materials and several other outside sources we were not able to establish any credible or verifiable reports that offered any evidence that would support the many claims being made for Viamax Volumizer.

What Real Users Are Saying

Knowing that user comments such as testimonials and user reviews are often suspect given the fact that more and more companies are working to manipulate what is being said about them we worked hard to find and utilize a number or industry websites with no apparent connection to Viamax or its products as well as numerous online forums and chat rooms known to discuss product of this nature. In the process we found many independent user reviews for Viamax Volumizer and the end result of our tally of user satisfaction ratings showed that most of them did not feel that they received any significant or lasting benefit from its use.

How Safe Is Viamax Volumizer?

Because the ingredients used in Viamax Volumizer are well-established in the industry there would not appear to any real concern regarding their overall safety. Still, it is best to consult with a physician before beginning use of this or any similar product.

How To Buy Viamax Volumizer

This product is available through an official product website and many online retailers but with a wide discrepancy in cost so some research is required in order to get the best pricing.

The Last Word

For guys seeking larger, firmer erections and more intense and longer lasting orgasms the least expensive and safest options seems to be a high quality male enhancement supplement offering those attributes. Our goal here was to determine if Viamax Volumizer was among the best choices on the market. To know this we looked at three core factors.

The first was the set of ingredients and, by most accounts, they seem to compare well with even its cop competitors. The second was to look at any data related to research and testing and here we found that there is no real evidence that the specific formulation for Viamax Volumizer has ever faced this type of high level scrutiny. The third and final factor was related to what actual independent user reviews had to say and, in this case, the results were far from positive.

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