Semenoid Semen Volumizer Review

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A number of studies have shown that the pressures of modern society have taken their toll on millions of men around the world and the symptoms associated with these pressures are manifesting themselves in many ways. One of the most devastating of these is the sharp increase in men reporting various forms of sexual dysfunction which can include loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction and decreased amounts of ejaculate (semen) during orgasm. Part of this last symptom is that orgasms, when achievable, are diminished in intensity because of another symptom - decreased semen.

As many men who have taken the time to research this issue have discovered, this is a much larger problem around the world than most people would expect. And, the reason for it is almost always quite simple - Testosterone. Yes, as men age and, especially after they reach thirty years of age, the vast majority of men begin to experience a significant loss of testosterone. This loss leads to a number of symptoms associated with aging such as loss of muscle tissue, physical strength, stamina and endurance as well as other problems more directly related to sexual dysfunction. To counteract these issues there are a number of laboratories that have developed an array of supplements specifically designed to help replace lost testosterone by boosting the bodily processes responsible for the creation of this important element. And, as a part of our ongoing effort to help our readers determine which of these products is right for them we are going to take a close look at one of the most talked about supplements available on the market today. It's called Semenoid.

Inside Semenoid

Although there is very little information available regarding the manufacturer of Semenoid what we do know is that they are called FX Labs and Semenoid is offered by them through their official website and for the price of $29.95 per bottle. The main claims of the producers of Semenoid is that their special formulation of all natural ingredients will reverse the symptoms of sexual dysfunction far better than many other similar products on the market today. This is due to the concentration of ingredients specifically designed to boost the processes of producing testosterone that will lead to improved blood flow and increase the volume of semen produced in the testes. This significant increase in blood flow and semen production will result in higher levels of muscle growth, stamina and endurance, not only in normal daily activity, but also during sexual activity which will also cause larger, harder and longer lasting erections. Also, the higher levels of semen produced with lead to longer lasting and more intense orgasms as the sexual organs will have to work that much harder to pump out the increased levels of semen. Furthermore, with the increase of testosterone being introduced into the bloodstream, the user will find that the sexual drive that was once waning will rebound to levels that likely have not been experienced for a long time.


Because Semenoid's claims are rather impressive we thought we should take a close look at the list of ingredients they chose to include in their formula.

  • Maca root extract - Long known for its properties as a prime aphrodisiac this natural extract has been shown to have a highly positive effect on libido.
  • Horny goat weed - This well respected ingredient boosts stamina and is a staple among many of the leading male enhancement supplements available today.
  • Mucuna pruriens seed extract - Another common ingredients in many products of a similar nature this natural plant extract is thought to improve overall health and sexual responsiveness.
  • Saw Palmetto berry - Less widely used in many product's formulas this berry extract is part of an ongoing debate as to its qualities as an aphrodisiac.
  • L-Arginine - An essential building block in the creation of nitric oxide this amino acid is critical in the process of boosting blood flow.
  • Tongkat Ali - Originating in Malaysia, Burma and Thailand, this all natural plant extract is, perhaps, the most important element in any male enhancement formulation due to its vital role in moving oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream and on to important muscle tissue and organs.
  • L-Citrulline - Along with L-Arginine and Tongkat Ali this amino acid completes the potent triad of elements necessary to increase nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream which, in turn, leads to the primary goal of increasing blood flow in older males.


  • Improves nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream to enhance blood flow
  • Well respected ingredient list
  • Competitively priced versus products with a similar ingredient list
  • Promotes the increased production of semen for longer, more intense orgasms


  • Lack of available information regarding the producer is a hindrance to Semenoid's credibility
  • Because ingredient list does not clearly define the quantities of each item there is a question as to the overall effectiveness of this formulation.


The manufacturer notes that the user should take two capsules per day with high levels of water to facilitate absorption. The dose should be spread out so that one pill is taken in the morning and the other at night.

Medical Concerns

Although Semenoid claims to be made of all natural ingredients we always advise potential consumers to consult with a qualified medical professional before beginning a regular regimen of this or any other product as interactions with other medications could lead to drug interaction issues. Also, be aware of any of issues that you may have related to allergic reactions to plant based elements.

User Reviews

When examining any product where complete information is not available we always recommend that our readers make every effort to explore user reviews as this is likely the best way to assess the overall safety and effective of a product. Also, since the reviews found on official sites are often cherry picked as promotional material rather than a true representation of user views, we recommend seeking out more independent sources.

In looking at a wide array of independent user reviews of Semenoid we discovered that the vast majority of them fell on the negative side. The chief complaint seemed to be centered around the fact that the product had no discernible effect on any of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Our Conclusion

Semenoid is a male enhancement supplement designed to give an added boost to the body's ability to produce a larger than normal volume of semen primarily as a means to increase sexual pleasure for both the male and his partners. When examining the ingredient list of Semenoid there seems to be a lot of reason to be hopeful that the products would work. After all, the list contains a substantial number of well-respected ingredients with solid reputations within the male enhancement supplement industry.

However, two things jump out at us as we look closely at this product. The first is that the ingredient list fails to adequately list the quantities or proportions of these ingredients which means that the particular strengths cannot be determined. This is critical because, as with any drug, medication or supplement, just because a product contains some amount of a vital ingredient does not mean that there is sufficient quantities to actually have the desired effect. The second issue we have with Semenoid is that the significant amount of independent user reviews we found were largely of a negative nature.

The bottom line here is that Semenoid may have some positive attributes but the end results do not seem to indicate that it is among the leading male enhancement supplements in its category.

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