Ogoplex Review

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Ogoplex, one of a flood of male sexual enhancement products marketed to men looking to increase all areas of sexual performance, has been the subject of several negative and disappointing reviews and experiences by purchasers. With so many male enhancement products for increasing ejaculation volume, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, Ogoplex has quickly placed itself out of the race, largely unable to follow up on the vague benefits described by the manufacturers.

Ogoplex Ingredients

Ogoplex contains only two active ingredients, neither of which are among the list of proven to be effective ingredients when it comes increasing ejaculation volume. Rather, the ingredients in Ogoplex focus on prostate health. Saw Palmetto Berry increases the strength and tone of the prostate, while Swedish Flower Pollen Extract enhances muscle tone and increases peak urine flow. There is no mention of any ejaculate or even testosterone boosting ingredients at all, making Ogoplex suspect when it comes to increasing ejaculate volume simply by reading the back of the bottle.

Ogoplex Benefits

Ogoplex is designed to support and enhance prostate health. While the health of the prostate is extremely important both to sexual performance and overall health, it has no effect on ejaculation volume. In reality, the manufacturers of Ogoplex do not even explain what benefits the product is designed to produce. Again, prostate health is important, but Ogoplex does not detail what exactly users of Ogoplex will experience, aside from enhanced sexual performance. By making no specific promises or detailing any sexual improvements users can expect, at least Ogoplex avoids the pitfalls of not living up to their promises. Ogoplex promises nothing and delivers about the same.

Buy Ogoplex

Ogoplex is available through the manufacturer's site, which contains sparse information on the product itself. Ordering Ogoplex is simple and discreet. They offer a free 30 day sample, for only the cost of shipping and handling. Those choosing to take advantage of this Ogoplex offer will be signed up for the automatic delivery and billing plan at the end of the 30 days if they do not cancel, and new monthly supplies of Ogoplex will be sent at a cost of $50 per month. While Ogoplex does offer a free 30 day free trial, automatic shipments may be canceled only by phone and only unopened product may be returned. This is a drawback and inconvenience for many people interested in testing Ogoplex, which is obviously not risk-free.

Does Ogoplex work to increase ejaculation volume?

Ogoplex will have little to no effect on ejaculation volume. It contains no ingredients designed to stimulate testosterone release or promote production of ejaculate. While Ogoplex does promise to strengthen the prostate and promote prostate health, the manufacturers of Ogoplex promise nothing more than enhanced sexual performance, with no details as to what that may mean. For those concerned with prostate health, a visit to a medical doctor is a much better option than Ogoplex. For those interested in increasing ejaculation volume, Ogoplex just doesn't deliver.

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