Increase Ejaculate

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Increase Ejaculate

Increase Ejaculate

Hey, my name is Tom and I am a forty years young man in a solid marriage with a wonderful woman. I am also new to this whole Internet blogging thing but figured it would be a good way to herald my journey towards a goal of mine. What is my goal? To learn how to increase ejaculate.

Believe me, the subject matter of trying to increase ejaculate is a bit intimidating and, frankly, embarrassing for me. So, why do I wish to write a blog about how to increase ejaculate? Good question. I suppose one part of it is just talking it out intellectually with some nameless faces that may benefit from what I am going through. I know I am not the only man my age that is experiencing a decrease in his libido.

My lovely and understanding wife acts as if it doesn't bother that we have sex less often, her but I know it does. She probably wonders if I still find her attractive, which I do. When we do make love however, my emissions are not exactly impressive. I have tried drinking more fluids and exercising, even eating oysters and other methods to increase ejaculate but nothings seems to work.

But I have learned that there could be a way to increase ejaculate with the use of certain sex enhancement products.

This leads me to another reason for this blog. If I can locate a natural and proven way to increase ejaculate, it could solve a twofold problem by increasing my sex drive and helping me learn how to cum like a porn star!

Now prior to hoping online I came across an ad in playboy for a drug to increase ejaculate called Ogoplex. This stuff was said to enable you to cum like a porn star and emulate the money shot you see in adult films. I grew interested until I read that one of the primary ingredients was Swedish Flower Pollen Extract. Now, I don’t know about you but I have never heard that sniffing buds can increase ejaculate.

But it did give me an idea to do some research so; I will try to locate a great male sexual enhancement pill or cream that can help me out. Hopefully my struggles can help someone else who wishes to increase ejaculate in a natural and safe way too.

Stay tuned.

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